Valion Cancer Support Program

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We have partnered with Valion Health to deliver our eligible members, diagnosed with cancer, a personalised cancer support experience.

Supporting Emergency Services Health members with cancer

Cancer is one of the most common diseases facing Australians today. But it is not something our members have to face alone.

The Cancer Support Program is all about improving quality of life for eligible Emergency Services Health members with, or recovering from, cancer.

Tailored to an individual’s needs, the program is designed to support the physical and mental health of members with cancer.

This includes members who are having (or recently completed) cancer treatment, and those living with advanced cancer.​​

How it works

Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on day-to-day life, even after finishing treatment.

The Cancer Support Program supports members in maintaining their physical and mental wellness, and can help members manage cancer side effects such as fatigue.

By joining the program members will have the additional support to getting back to the activities they enjoy. 

The Cancer Support Program is a virtually assisted telehealth (video calls and digital health tools) 12-16 week program.

The Cancer Support Program can offer eligible members support in managing their cancer symptoms, the side effects of treatment, and help members navigate their care or return to work.

For example, improving and maintaining energy levels, fitness, mobility, neuropathy, nutrition, quality of sleep, mood fluctuations, mental health, cognitive support and advice on supporting carers. 

Support Services

The Valion Health team will conduct an initial assessment with the eligible member to tailor a program that will suit their needs, services may include

  • Oncology nurse – develop an individual care plan, education, ongoing monitoring and links to local support services.
  • Exercise physiologist – work on a personal exercise program designed to increase strength and endurance, to improve energy levels.
  • Oncology-focused dietitian – advice on overcoming problems like decreased appetite and nausea.
  • Cognitive Coach– expert oncology psychologists offer cognitive coaching , psychoeducation, plus practical tools to assist with managing symptoms and side effects.
  • Valion Health patient app – connects members with their Valion Health care team, health data, progress tracking and tailored educational resources.

What does it cost?

The Cancer Support Program is fully funded by Emergency Services Health for eligible members at no additional cost to the member. 

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must meet the following;

  • Be an Emergency Services Health members on a current hospital policy, who have served their waiting periods^.
  • Be currently receiving active anti-cancer treatment, or have completed treatment within the last 12 months, or have a diagnosis of advanced or incurable cancer.
  • Have access to a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a webcam, microphone and internet access/ and or telephone.
  • Be aged 18 years, or over.

How to Apply

Emergency Services Health members with hospital cover and meet eligibility requirements above can simply contact our member services team to express interest in the program:

The Cancer Support Program is subject to waiting periods and other conditions.

^ Cancer Support Program Hospital Cover Waiting Periods: 

  • 2 months hospital cover membership.
  • 12 months hospital cover membership for pre-existing conditions. 

Consent to Participate

In choosing to participate, members must acknowledge and agree that their personal information, as part of the Cancer Support Program, will be managed in accordance with Valion Health's Privacy Policy.

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