Emergency service workers need their whole body insured

Two paramedics treat a man

Where to go?

It pays to look beyond the big brands in insurance!

When it comes to health insurance, there’s so much choice.

It’s easy to go with one of the big insurance brands, simply because you know them.

But can these big-name brands really offer you the kind of cover and service that a not-for-profit, restricted access private health fund can?

Follow the money, are your premiums going towards benefiting shareholders or overseas owners?

Restricted health funds: the benefits

Because Members Health Funds focus on members, premiums are used to benefit members not shareholders.

Previous employment in an industry can mean you’re eligible to join restricted funds and most restricted funds are open to family members (mainly immediate family).

Belonging to a restricted fund is more than just the health insurance, you're contributing back to that same community. 

The only insurance for the emergency services community

Emergency Services Health is the only not-for-profit private health insurer exclusively for the emergency services’ community in Australia.

Eligibility includes past and present employees and volunteers in the emergency services community including;

  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • General medical and health practitioners
  • Hospital staff
  • State emergency services
  • Air rescue
  • Triple zero operators and surf lifesavers.

By being a member of Emergency Services Health, you know your money is going straight back into something that’ll help you and your colleagues.

Forget shareholders or overseas owners. Our products are designed to work for you, without any third-party influences.

Use unused benefits

Most funds just allocate a yearly annual limit for each of their Extras benefits.

But we understand that life isn’t as structured as this.

Meaning, one year you might not use physiotherapy services, and then you have back issues the next.

You may even see some health providers like optometrists telling you to “use your optical benefits at the end of year before losing them”.

This is why we’ve designed our Rollover Benefit, which allows you to roll over unclaimed Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next on most Extras services (subject to Waiting Periods and other conditions). 

Forget price, invest in your health

When choosing your private health insurance, price shouldn’t be the only consideration.

Base your decision on total value for money, your policy benefits should be an important part of your decision.

For the majority of our Extras services, we pay up to a generous 80% of the cost (subject to Annual Maximums and Waiting Periods) and if you are transferring from another health insurer we offer continuity of cover.

To us, insurance value is everything.

Avoid cheap, confusing policies and invest a little extra into health insurance that you can actually use.

Remember when you’re reviewing your current private health insurance needs and the many policies out in the market, it’s more than a conversation about price.

There’s the benefit amounts, how much you’re covered for, and how long you’ve got to use those benefits.

While the big funds may serve the general public, our restricted health insurance is designed for you, the emergency services community.

We want to reward you for the amazing work that you do, and we do this by providing comprehensive private health insurance that will have your back through all stages of your life.

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