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Hospital Cover with No Excess or Exclusions*
Up to 80% back on most Extras*
Rollover Unused Limits from prior year*
Unlimited Ambulance*
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Simply the best health cover

Health Insurance can be confusing, so we make it simple by offering only top-level Hospital and Extras cover to make sure you are your loved ones have the best protection against the unexpected.

Hospital Cover worth its weight in Gold

We believe health insurance should cover you for the unexpected, not picking and choosing what is included in your health insurance based on trying to predict the future. Our Gold Hospital cover has no exclusions, no excess and no copayments, and is more affordable than our big-name competitors.*

Better value Extras

Discover health insurance that's been made with the first responder community in mind, and with the ethos of putting our members before profit, providing a range of unique benefits on offer to help you see the most value from your Extras. Things like, Rollover of unused limits on most extras from one year to the next, higher limits on the things you need most and up to 80% back on most Extras at your choice of provider.*

Our products

Gold Cover Combined

We've combined our top quality hospital and extras cover to give you complete peace of mind. From the routine to the unexpected, with Gold Combined you'll always know we've got your back.

Gold Hospital Cover

Affordable Gold Hospital Cover that offers complete peace of mind, with no excesses, co-payments, or exclusions*.

Rolling Extras

With up to 80% back on most benefits and a unique benefit rollover*, with Rolling Extras cover you can get great rebates at your choice of provider*, whenever you need them.