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Complementary Therapies Benefits Guide

Find out what complementary therapies we provide benefits for

External Breast Prostheses Benefit Guide

Did you know that you can claim from Emergency Services Health and Medicare when purchasing an External Breast Prostheses?

Dental and Orthodontic Benefit Guide

Learn about the differences between general dental and orthodontics, and how our cover can help you.

Travel and Accommodation Benefit Guide

Did you know we offer travel and accommodation assistance? Find out the key details on how it works.

Optical, Eye Therapy and Eye Surgery Benefits Guide

Understand the different benefit private health insurance entitlements for Optical, Eye Therapy and Eye Surgery.

Group and 1:1 Exercise Physiology Benefit Guide

Exercise Physiology is all about delivering safe and effective movement and exercise programs for people who want to improve their wellbeing, or who live with a chronic medical condition, injury or disability.

Blood Pressure Monitor Benefit Guide

Learn about how you can claim some of the cost of blood pressure monitor with Emergency Services Health.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Guide

Police Health’s pharmaceutical benefits cover a wide range of items that require a prescription when dispensed from private recognised pharmacies, Australia-wide.
A man and a woman kissing a baby

Nourish Baby Program

Get information and advice from qualified antenatal and early parenting health professionals through online courses.

Kieser Spinal Care Plans

Prevent or delay spinal surgery with Kieser’s Spinal Care Plans.

Kieser Osteoarthritis Care Plans

Overcome osteoarthritis by using physiotherapists, exercise science, and exercise physiology.

Prima Type 2 Diabetes Program

Get the right advice and support to better manage type 2 diabetes, and give yourself greater control over life.