Group and 1:1 Exercise Physiology Benefit Guide

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To sweat, or not to sweat

Do you struggle to exercise? Is it too hard to find the time to exercise when working shifts? Your job is pretty physical, doesn't that count?

Allocating time for exercise is good for more than just your waistline. The right form of exercise can help to mitigate and treat other health conditions.

We know committing to exercise is easier said than done. So, if you need help fitting workouts into your busy shift schedule, an Exercise Physiologist can help.

Don’t sweat it. See a Physiologist.

An Exercise Physiologist can help you improve your overall health. They also support patients by treating medical conditions through exercise.

Don’t mistake having a gym membership or a personal trainer as enough. An Exercise Physiologist understands the human body and the benefits that exercise can have on it – for all parts, mentally and physically.

They know how to use exercise to improve the musculoskeletal system, as well as the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Exercise is used as both prevention and rehabilitation methods.

From Pilates to gym-based exercise routines, an Exercise Physiologist can assist with treating all types of conditions including obesity, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, asthma and cardiovascular diseases, as well as many other conditions.

At Emergency Services Health, we’ve included Exercise Physiology into our Gold Combined and Rolling Extras cover because moving our bodies correctly is extremely important for all of us in the force. 

Through exercise physiology, you’ll learn how to develop new and healthy exercise habits.

These specialists can also work with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Podiatrists to offer added advice and support to help you maintain great health. 

With our Gold Combined and Rolling Extras cover, you have full access to specialist exercise experts.

**Subject to Waiting Periods and other conditions. 

Discover the power of moving

We understand your job impacts on your physical and mental health while you’re protecting our community, and we hope this explainer helps.

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiology is all about delivering safe and effective movement and exercise programs for people who want to improve their wellbeing, or who live with a chronic medical condition, injury or disability.

Accredited exercise physiologists offer a range of services which include behavioural coaching, health education, exercise counselling and physical rehabilitation.

Services include the prescription of tailored exercise programs, promoting leisure-time and incidental activity, and counselling to reduce sedentary behaviours.

What are Exercise Physiology Group Sessions?

After extensive feedback from our members, we’re pleased to announce we now cover group sessions under our Exercise Physiology Extras benefit.

Generally, they are a cost-effective way to complete supervised and safe exercise programs which are individually designed to each participant. 

Depending on your individual needs you could be completing an exercise program which works to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, bone density, balance, or any combination of these.

Usually these are recommended by an Exercise Physiologist following at least an initial 1:1 consult to understand your unique needs and recommended treatment.

Why should you attend a session?

There are a range of reasons why, including;

  • You have attended a 1:1 consultation with an Exercise Physiologist and they have recommended Group Sessions as part of your treatment plan. 
  • You’ve recently had an injury or health concern and understand that regular exercise is an important part of your recovery or rehabilitation.
  • You want expert guidance and to confidence that you are performing exercises correctly for your unique needs and level.
  • You need an expertly supervised session due to health or physical concerns

What is your Exercise Physiology Group Benefit?

Our members who have Rolling Extras or Gold Combined* cover enjoy a benefit of 80% up to $25.80 per session.

This is covered under our Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology combined annual limit of $850 and unique Rollover Benefit of up to $1,700*.

When can you start claiming from?

The benefit is available now. Just present your membership card at the provider and receive your benefit on the spot through HICAPS. Or, if HICAPS isn’t available, you can log claims via our mobile app. 

Can you claim on any other similar services?

Yes, we already offer Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology benefits to our members with Rolling Extras or Gold Combined.

*Rollover Benefit is available on the majority of extras services and is subject to Waiting Periods, Annual Maximums and other conditions. Rollover Benefit is available after 12 months membership with Extras cover, except major dental which requires 2 years of membership.

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