Nourish Baby Program

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What is the Nourish Baby Program?

The Nourish Baby Program offers access to information and advice from qualified antenatal and early parenting health professionals through online courses. 

It provides you and your partner with knowledge about antenatal care options and provides ongoing support after your baby's birth. That also extends into the toddler years.  

Who can use it?

It’s available to our members with Gold Hospital and Gold Combined, and is delivered by Nourish Baby's team of qualified obstetricians, midwives, lactation consultants, child health nurses, sleep consultants, paediatricians, nutritionists, psychologists, parent educators and more.

What does it focus on?

The comprehensive antenatal and early parenting courses in this online learning hub cover important topics including:

  • Fertility & Pregnancy Health
  • Labour & Birth Preparation
  • Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding
  • Baby & Toddler Sleep
  • Parenting & Relationships
  • Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Baby & Toddler Care including first-aid and CPR

Your Mental Health

As a participant of this program, expectant mothers will receive mental health support during their perinatal period.

Using iCope Screening, you will be asked a series of questions that screens for symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Register For Nourish Baby

Thank you for completing the Nourish Baby Registration Form. Following an elegibility check, you will receive an invite from Nourish Baby once your account is activated (please allow 2 business days).

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