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Pregnancy coverage

Private health insurance with pregnancy coverage can assist with the costs of hospital care, your obstetrician's fees, and potentially other pregnancy-related services.

We’ve broken it down to focus on the benefits you enjoy from our Gold Hospital cover and Rolling Extras cover, while also highlighting what’s not covered.

Gold Hospital benefits

There are several benefits to our Gold Hospital coverage, and to help we’ve provided some extra details.

Midwifery, Labour Ward and Theatre Fees

We’re proud to cover 100% of these fees, which cover the cost of using the hospital's midwifery, labour and delivery suite. This includes:

  • The physical room itself and all the specialised equipment within
  • Nursing and midwifery staff dedicated to your care throughout labor and birth
  • Medications or supplies needed for routine labor

Theatre fees cover the use of the surgical suite in the case of a planned or emergency caesarean section (C-section) birth. This includes:

  • The operating theatre and its specialised surgical equipment
  • Surgical staff assisting alongside the obstetrician – including nurses, anesthesiologists, and technicians

Accommodation fees

You’re also covered for 100% of the accommodation fees, for either private or shared room accommodation (subject to availability).

The availability of private rooms can vary depending on the hospital, demand at the time of your birth, and your chosen insurance plan. Some private hospitals may have specific policies regarding the minimum length of stay required for a private room.

Fees for Obstetricians, Anaesthetists, Radiologists and Pathologists

At a minimum, we will cover the difference between the Medicare rebate and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Fee. 

If your doctor chooses to use our Access Gap Cover and charge the schedule of fees of that scheme, we can cover up to 100% of the doctor’s agreed fee.

Before you select your obstetrician, you should ask for a breakdown of their costs so that you can provide informed financial consent.

Rolling Extras benefits

When you first think of pregnancy cover and maternity care, you think of being in a hospital. However, there are many services you can claim benefits for during your pregnancy under our Rolling Extras cover.

Plus, for the majority of services provided by recognised providers we pay up to a generous 80% of the cost.


Can address common pregnancy aches and pains in your back, pelvis, and legs, promoting better posture and movement throughout your trimester.

This could also lead to remedial massages that are targeted towards pregnancy related issues.


Dietary consultations can guide you on healthy food choices for optimal nutrition for both you and your developing baby, potentially including prenatal supplements covered under our pharmaceutical benefit.

Through appointments with a Dietitian, they can cover what foods can help give you the important nutrients you need during pregnancy.

This can help you maintain the right levels of important nutrients like Folate, Iodine and Protein.


As the weight of the baby and uterus continues to grow exponentially until birth, aches and pains during pregnancy are likely to worsen. 

Your podiatrist can help relieve your symptoms and help keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy. 

Podiatrists can give you a range of treatments including compression socks, custom foot orthotics, footwear advice and foot bracing.


Being pregnant you expect to have morning sickness or lower back pain. But you might be surprised when your vision changes. 

The hormonal and physical changes that come with pregnancy can also affect your eyesight. Most issues are usually minor and temporary.

Your sight should return to normal after your baby is born. But some problems linked to pregnancy may require medical attention. Whether you need new lenses or frames, you can use your Rolling Extras cover to cover some of the costs.

What's not covered?

  • Any additional ‘management’ fees charged by your Obstetrician or Doctor that is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance
  • Accommodation costs for ‘luxury’ suites 
  • The cost of Outpatient services
  • Services in hospitals not recognised by us. In the rare instance that a hospital isn’t recognised by us, it’ll be listed on our website
  • Paediatrician fees where the baby has not been admitted to hospital
  • Boarder fees
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