What is the Medical Costs Finder?

Planning for specialist medical care can be daunting. You not only want the best treatment, but also an understanding of the potential costs involved. 

This is where the Australian Government's Medical Costs Finder becomes a valuable tool, and Emergency Services Health is here to guide you through it.

The Medical Costs Finder is a free online resource that empowers you to explore the typical costs of specialist medical services across Australia. It covers a wide range of common procedures, both in and out of hospital settings.

How can the Medical Costs Finder benefit you?

The Medical Costs Finder has many benefits, including;

  • Giving you valuable insights into what people typically pay out-of-pocket for various medical services
  • Helps you understand the potential additional services you might receive before, during, and after a procedure
  • Allows you to compare costs and make informed choices by exploring indicative fees charged by individual specialists in your location

Using the Medical Costs Finder with Emergency Services Health

While the Medical Costs Finder provides valuable cost estimates, it's important to remember these are indicative figures. 

It’s also important to remember that there are many benefits to Emergency Services Health’s Gold Hospital cover;

  • It specialises in Gold cover. Australia’s highest tier hospital cover – to be a classified as Gold the policy must provide cover for all 38 mandated clinical categories
  • We give you the freedom to choose your doctor and hospital, as long as the provider is recognised by us1
  • 100% national Ambulance cover – for eligible services which includes clinically required emergency and non-emergency transport and treatment not requiring transport2
  • Our Gold cover goes above and beyond – covering much more than the 38 mandated clinical categories
  • Access Gap Cover - This program helps reduce or in some cases even eliminate your out-of-pocket costs

Get started today

Visit the Medical Costs Finder here: https://medicalcostsfinder.health.gov.au/ to explore costs for various procedures.  For support regarding your cover, contact Emergency Services Health on 1300 703 703

1 Waiting Periods and other conditions apply. Doctors, Hospitals and Service Providers must be recognised by us. 2 Excludes ambulance services covered by a third party arrangement such as a State/Territory government ambulance scheme or ambulance subscription. Service providers must be recognised by Emergency Services Health.

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